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Duct Cleaning & Indoor Air Quality

Having clean air is important for your health and safety. You want to trust that the air inside your home or business is safe to breathe. However, if you haven’t had your ducts cleaned in a while, you may be breathing in pollutants that can contribute to colds, allergies, headaches, and other symptoms.

At E.H. Roberts Co., we believe in keeping the homes and businesses in Elyria, OH and the surrounding areas comfortable and safe for those in our community. That’s why we offer duct-cleaning services. Clean ducts are essential for ensuring pollutants and allergens don’t circulate through your vents.

What pollutants might be circulating through your home?

  • Dust
  • Pet Fur & Dander
  • Rodent Fur & Waste
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • And more
EHRoberts, Elyria, OH

Why choose E.H. Roberts Co. to clean your air ducts?

IAQ, Elyria, OH
We use camera inspection technology, including FLIR infrared thermal imagery, to clearly view the insides of even the darkest ducts. This allows us to complete a thorough, effective cleaning. Plus, we wear protective shoe covers when doing any inside work, including duct cleaning, so we leave your space clean and tidy.

Keep your family, pets, and employees safe with regular duct cleaning for your home or business, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having exceptional indoor air quality.

Air Ranger™ Polarized-Media Electronic Air Cleaners

Air Ranger Polarized Media Electronic Air Cleaner, Elyria, OH
We are proud to install Air Ranger™ Polarized-Media Electronic Air Cleaners, which create a polarized electric field through which pollutants in the air pass and stick to the media. They are able to catch extremely small particles, including 97% of particles at .3 microns. They can even trap some smells and gases. These air cleaners are easily installed into your existing filter traps, meaning your heating and cooling systems will now also help improve your indoor air quality.


Humidifiers, Elyria, OH
Humidifiers are especially helpful in the colder, drier winter months. They add moisture back into the air to create a more comfortable atmosphere. In addition, they can reduce static; prevent dry skin, hair, lips, throat and nose; and can help reduce cold or flu symptoms. Our team installs high-quality humidifiers and can repair your existing humidifier to ensure it is working at peak performance.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Humidifiers, Elyria, OH

Dryer vent fires and reduced energy efficiency are very real concerns. Most of your potential clients have no idea that this problem even exists. 

We Are Your Local HVAC Specialists

EHRoberts, Elyria, OH
EHRoberts, Elyria, OH

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